What follow are a mere handful of 70s selections, brought to you by Wall-B. 1975-1979 edition coming to an Orchard near you, soon.

Tomorrow’s People – McDonald & Giles (1970)

Go Lean On A River – The Free Design (1971)

New York-based vocal group

We’re Still Friends – Donny Hathaway (1972)

I Hope You Really Love Me – Family Circle (1972)

Hello It’s Me – Todd Rundgren (1972)

Turns out there was only one thing on the mind in ’73.

Too High – Stevie Wonder (1973)

Stoned Out Of My Mind – Chi Lites (1973)

We’re Just Trying To Make It – The Persuaders (1974)

Summer Madness – Kool & The Gang (1974)

Don’t Bring Me Down – Rita Dacosta (1975)