Six years ago, three satirists from Cambridge, England decided to build a game to irreverently educate its players on the practical benefits of exploiting terrorism in order to govern the world. They’ve been on TV, sold a great number of boards (go here if you want one) and drawn vitriol and praise in almost equal measure. Here are some choice quotes from some of their commentators, carefully organized by relevance, according to what type of person you really are, deep-down:

For the overly self-assured:

 “Appears to have crossed the line of what was acceptable” – Daily Mail

For the experimentally curious: 

“Risk and Monopoly with WMD” – The Onion

For the patriotic taxpaying:

 “Sick” – The Sun

For the well-meaning:

“As the game’s rules explain, if you get the conveniently basic division of good and evil in Star Wars, you’ll understand what politicians tell us in the news.” – BBC

For the activist:

“A satirical broadside against the hypocrisy of US-British foreign policy.” – New Internationalist

 For the journalist:

“Through the fog of an often collusive and compliant media comes this extraordinary game, achieving, with its black humour, its own truth about the pernicious ‘War on Terror’. ” – John Pilger


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